LEAD2022 LEAD2022 | Premier Virtual Leadership Summit for Contractors
September 20 – 21, 2022

The Transformational Virtual Leadership Summit for Contractors

Every company has leadership. But not every company has the right leadership. Leadership that can bring out the best in every member of the team; that can get a whole organization bought-in and working toward collective goals; and that can guide the business through a storm when need be, coming out stronger and better-prepared for success on the other side. Attend LEAD2022, the must-see virtual leadership summit, and learn the right leadership strategies that have guided some of the most successful organizations and most accomplished champions.

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Tuesday – September 20
1:00PM – 3:15PM EDT
(10:00AM – 12:15PM PDT)
Wednesday – September 21
1:00PM – 3:15PM EDT
(10:00AM – 12:15PM PDT)

1:00PM – 1:45PM EDT (10:00AM – 10:45AM PDT)

Keynote Presentation

What Great Coaches Taught Me About Leadership Presenter: Bill Walton Basketball Legend, ESPN Broadcaster, Humanitarian & Survivor
Basketball icon Bill Walton was part of legendary college and NBA championship teams: UCLA, the Boston Celtics and Portland Trail Blazers. He was also part of the last place San Diego Clippers. As Bill learned, and will share with you, the difference between winning and losing is leadership. The best coaches knew how to get the best out of their players. In Bill’s career no one was better than legendary UCLA coach John Wooden. He never talked about winning – and rarely even mentioned the opposing team. But Wooden did insist that players work together, not be selfish, execute flawlessly, and be accountable for doing their best.

Bill, the consummate storyteller, shares tales that are as insightful as they are entertaining – about lessons of leadership he learned from John Wooden, Red Auerbach, Jack Ramsey, and others during his storied career. Bill provides an inside look at how world-class performance is really achieved on the basketball court – sharing leadership and teamwork lessons based on principles that transfer off the court and into your business, too.

1:45PM – 2:30PM EDT (10:45AM – 11:30AM PDT)

Developing a Mid-Management Leadership Team to Scale
Speaker Elekes Gary Elekes President, EPC Training & Co-Founder, iMarket Solutions
Speaker Long Weldon Long New York Times Bestselling Author & Contracting Business Expert
As contractors, we face countless challenges operating the day-to-day business. One of the primary challenges, and primary factors driving success, is an ability to help develop a team of leaders and managers to carry the workflow the way the company wants it to be delivered. Owners and even mid-managers struggle with replacing themselves by uplifting, educating, developing and holding accountable the next group of mid-managers.

In this dynamic question and answer session, three of the industry’s brightest minds share established strategies and best practices for developing a mid-managerial team to scale a company. Join us for a spirited, fun, enthusiastic session discussing the ideas a company can implement and focus on to find, develop, and inspire the next generation of managerial talent to scale and grow.

In this session, you’ll learn:
  • A company is only as good as its people
  • How to develop leadership talent – the human capital – that raises company culture as well as sales and profits
  • How to make yourself replaceable – and make your company better and more valuable as a result
  • How to identify the talent and team members who can get your busines to the next level
  • Anything else you want to know – live questions will be taken!

2:30PM – 3:15PM EDT (11:30AM – 12:15PM PDT)

How Great Leaders Make Good Decisions Presenter: Russ Horrocks Vice President, Flow Odyssey
Often leaders find themselves regretting their decisions because they were made out of emotion, pride, and/or personal gain. The best leaders create passionate followers and bring out the best in those who trust them to lead.

Celebrated industry trainer Russ Horrocks will explore with attendees how leaders make good decisions not just in the moment, but with a focus on the outcome they hope to achieve – both in the short- and long-term.

In this session, you’ll learn:
  • Proven strategies for decision-making that benefits your whole business
  • How to inspire faith and passion in your team
  • How to avoid the costly decisions and elevate your business to the top of your market as a result
  • And so much more!

1:00PM – 1:45PM EDT (10:00AM – 10:45AM PDT)

The 5 Most Important Things Leaders Can Do! Presenter: Steve Shallenberger Best Selling Author & President of Becoming Your Best Global Leadership, LLC
Have you ever wondered why certain people seem to rise to the top and constantly achieve success? We invested decades researching the top 10% of leaders across industries to identify which principles and habits they focused on to be among the best. We found five important things that highly successful leaders do that are extremely predictive of success, both at a personal and team level.

Our research has shown that these 5 THINGS will increase performance and productivity by an average of 10– 50% year over year, which has an enormous impact on your revenue and profitability. These 5 THINGS have a deep impact on your culture to be among the best contractors in your area and state!

In this session, you’ll learn:
  • The five things highly successful leaders do and how they can transform your life and business
  • How to develop a clear strategic plan that creates purpose, passion and alignment within your teams and organization
  • Strategies for bringing out the best in your team, which will allow them to become part of your growth engine
  • The story of how a 14-year girl, playing basketball for her high school for the first time, who had never made a 3-point shot in a game in her life, made 38 in a season by first making 5,000 shots in practice; you can make your “5,000 shots” and transform your leadership and productivity.

1:45PM – 2:30PM EDT (10:45AM – 11:30AM PDT)

Getting Things Done: Leadership and the Art of Delegation Presenter: James Leichter President & CEO, Aptora Corporation, Mr. HVAC LLC, RA Tax & Accounting Inc.
Leadership and delegation skills are critical to getting things done. Leadership is a process of social influence, which maximizes the performance of others, towards the achievement of a goal. But what’s the best way to develop your own leadership skills?

In this workshop, we will give you the tools and strategies to fine-tune your leadership and delegation skills so that not only will your productivity soar through the roof, but you’ll bring out the very best in every single member of your team – and watch revenue and profit increase as a result.

In this session, you’ll learn:
  • The difference between leadership and management and when to use which
  • The most important characteristics of a great leader
  • How to say less, ask better questions, and get more things done
  • How to manage conflict and reduce silos across departments
  • How to use delegation to reduce stress and increase productivity
  • What tasks should be delegated and which should never be delegated
  • The value of emotional intelligence and how to improve yours

2:30PM – 3:15PM EDT (11:30AM – 12:15PM PDT)

Leading Through the Rain: How to Lead Your Team Through Uncertainty After a Disaster Presenter: Susan Frew Speaker | Author
More than 30% of bankruptcies are due to employee theft. Learn how to protect yourself and prevent your business from falling victim by following the expert advice offered in this talk!

Susan Frew, a TEDx speaker and acclaimed business coach, will share her research, mindset and concrete ideas about protecting your business from financial setbacks so you can be successful. Susan will share the real-life story of how she turned her company around and dug out of 1 million dollars in debt. That hardship started with a bad hire, and the Frews had to navigate the communication to keep their existing employees motivated and focused through all the chaos.

With the recent increase in corporate fraud, it is more important than ever to arm yourself with knowledge and skills for building your brand. Learn how to protect yourself from employee malfeasance by following the simple steps Susan lays out in this presentation.

In this session, you’ll learn:
  • How to protect yourself and your business from employee theft and other devastating financial setbacks
  • Expert advice backed by research, with a step-by-step of what to avoid in your company
  • How to overcome adversity and betrayal due to bad hires in your company
  • How to deliver bad news or a vulnerable message to your team without giving away your power
  • The knowledge and skills you need to safeguard your brand


Bill Walton
Basketball Legend, ESPN Broadcaster, Humanitarian & Survivor
Gary Elekes
President, EPC Training & Co-Founder, iMarket Solutions
Weldon Long
New York Times Bestselling Author & Contracting Business Expert
Russ Horrocks
Vice President, Flow Odyssey
Steve Shallenberger
Best Selling Author & President of Becoming Your Best Global Leadership, LLC
James Leichter
President & CEO, Aptora Corporation, Mr. HVAC LLC, RA Tax & Accounting Inc
Susan Frew
Speaker | Author

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